Immersing in ADR Dynamics: SIMC’s Participation at Seoul ADR Festival 2023

The annual Seoul ADR Festival (SAF) was held from October 30 to November 3, 2023. Inaugurated in South Korea in 2015, SAF is organized by KCAB International in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice Korea (KMOJ), UNCITRAL, ICC, and Seoul IDRC. The festival features a series of conferences focusing on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).


As a staunch supporter of SAF, SIMC, represented by Mr. George Lim SC (Chairman of SIMC), Mr. Chuan Wee Meng (CEO of SIMC), Ms. Joon-Nie Lau (Deputy CEO of SIMC) and Jiyun Moon (Korea’s represnetative of SIMC), attended the week-long festival. In addition to reconnecting with long-standing partners, SIMC co-organized a seminar and participated in several events to share the latest developments and trends in international mediation


SIMC Seminar: Practical Insights Into Mediating Mega Tech Disputes & Rising Trends in Asia

KelvinKim     Stevekim

SIMC had the opportunity to hold a seminar during SAF on October 31, hosted by Yulchon and supported by KCAB International and Korea In-house Counsel Association (KICA). SIMC had the pleasure of inviting two panels of distinguished speakers to provide insights into recent developments in international mediation.


They also discussed a noteworthy cross-border multi-million dollar #greentechnology case that started in arbitration and ended in mediation. We were grateful to have Mr. Kap-You (Kevin) Kim, a Board Member of SIMC & Founding Managing Partner of Peter & Kim, and Mr. Steve Kim, Secretary General of KCAB international, to deliver welcome and opening speeches for the event.


first panel     panel 2


The first panel discussion provided a comprehensive and insightful overview of the evolving landscape of ADR and its pivotal role in shaping contemporary dispute resolution practices. The panel comprised of Mr. Kevin Kim, Mr. Yun-Jae Baek, Co-chair, International Dispute Resolution, Yulchon LLC, Ms. Mimi Ahn, Partner/Head of Korea Desk, Focus Law Asia LLC and Mr. David MacArthur, Co-head of International Arbitration, Anderson Mori & Tomotsune.


The panelists shared their insights on mediation, providing perspectives from both legal practitioners and experienced mediators. They underscored the crucial role of ADR in disputes, highlighting its evolution and its direction toward achieving more personalized and fitting resolutions.


The second panel, which comprised Mr. George Lim, Mr. Joel Richardson (Partner, Kim & Chang), and Mr. Robert Wachter (Co-head of International Arbitration, Lee & Ko), delved into an exclusive, behind-the-scenes discussion between the mediator and lead counsel involved in a high-value, multi-million-dollar green technology case that was resolved in two days.


The discussion of the case, which  started in arbitration and ended in mediation, offered valuable insights into the intricacies, challenges, and successes of cross-border mediation dynamics.


Guest at SIMC Seminar     Guest at the event 2


Participants gained in-depth knowledge about the complexities faced, including challenges in mediator selection, potential case derailments, successful strategies, and the collaborative efforts required to reach resolution within an impressive two-day period.

The seminar offered a great opportunity for the participants to understand the complexities and successes of cross-border mediation in high-stakes business scenarios and how mediation can be used to resolve commercial disputes in an ever evolving and intricate business environment.   


The Empanelment of a New Batch of Korea Specialist Mediators

At the seminar, an empanelment ceremonty was also specially held for the latest batch of Korea Specialist Mediators, who attended SIMC Korea Specialist Mediators Workshop from October 4 to 5, 2023.


The certificates of appointment were presented to the new Specialist Mediators (SMs) by Mr. George Lim SC. With the latest appointment of new SMs on October 31, SIMC has a a total of over 275 SMs on our panel.

SMW Korea Group


KCAB Women’s Interest Committee Networking Event

Ms. Joon-Nie Lau, Deputy CEO of SIMC, was invited to speak at the KCAB Women’s Interest Committee Networking Event as one of the panelists. Ms. Lau shared her journey from media to mediation on this panel of illustrious women ADR lawyers, which includes Dana Kim, Sae Youn Kim, Mahnaz Malik Rozana ALTayyar, and Hyunah Park. The all-women panel delved into critical aspects affecting gender diversity in arbitral and mediator panels, and explored the barriers hindering its advancement. There was unanimous agreement on the need to increase the visibility of women within the ADR realm.


Strategies to bridge the gender gap were also discussed, with insights on managing the delicate balance between one’s career and personal life. Additionally, the speakers on the panel also shared invaluable tips for aspiring legal minds keen on pursuing careers in ADR.


Deputy CEO of SIMC, Ms Joon-Nie Lau



ADR Special Session on ISDS Reform

ISD1     ISD 2

On November 2, SIMC’s Chairman, Mr. George Lim SC was invited to speak at ADR Special Session on ISDS Reform, organized by Korea’s Ministry of Justice and UNCITRAL. This event serves as a forum for exchanging perspectives with a focus on ISDS reform and key topics include investment mediation, the codes of conduct and the advisory centre on international investment law as well as dispute prevention and mitigation.

Four major topics on ISDS reform were addressed at the event: (i) the use of mediation to resolve international investment disputes, (ii) the Codes of Conduct for arbitrators and judges in international investment dispute resolution, (iii) the possible establishment of an Advisory Centre on International Investment Law, and (iv) Dispute Prevention and Mitigation.  


Apart from attending SAF’s events, SIMC visited several law firms with which it holds a longstanding partnership, providing updates on the latest developments, trends in international mediation, and recent outreach activities in promoting mediation. Additionally, SIMC also had the privilege of meeting with some Korean companies to introduce SIMC and share the benefits of mediation in resolving business disputes.


It was undoubtedly a fruitful week of engagements and sharing, and SIMC thanks all partners for their enormous support during SAF. We look forward to SAF 2024!

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