Mediation Advocacy Programme


SIMC Mediation Advocacy Workshop is designed by the Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC) for experienced lawyers, general counsels, executives and consultants who represent their clients or companies in mediation. This workshop is structured to meet the needs of representing clients or companies and successfully engage in a mediation both offline and online.

On completion of the workshop and after successful assessment, participants will be certified by IMI upon fulfilling its requirements/criteria.

Participation by invitation only.



  • Introduce mediation advocacy skills to lawyers and non-mediators.
  • Participants will be equipped with skills needed in mediation advocacy.
  • Learn to maximise the settlement benefits for the clients.
  • Familiarise with common norms in cross border mediation.
  • Gain experience in overcoming common communication barriers.
  • Learn to confidently engage in mediation offering best option for your clients.


Learning outcome

  • Basics of mediation.
  • Skills for representing clients in mediation meetings.
  • How to discuss with clients to maximize their benefits.
  • Redefine how to obtain successful outcome
  • Mediation strategies and identifying risks.
  • BATNA/WATNA – generate best options for clients.
  • Growth in mediation practice, cross-border, cross-culture.
  • Promote mediation as a tool in practice.
  • Techniques of presenting client’s position - lead to a successful, effective and feasible outcome (as compared to a court order).
  • Difference between trial and mediation advocacy.


Total duration (to be confirmed):

  • 16 hours - include tuition and role plays through a variety of media, focusing on three areas, using the perspective of party representative rather than that of mediator: process skills in mediation; interpersonal skills; strategy. This will include party and self-preparation, management, option generating, and effective use of the mediator.
  • Division: 12 hours of tuition and 4 hours of role play (homework, reading and group activities to be excluded)


Assessment: Written and Practical (40/60)

    • Written – Settlement Agreement and a Reflective Journal (1500 words)
    • Role-play