Innovative Approaches in Mediation for Cross-Border IP Disputes Webinar held by SIMC. The webinar was moderated by Mr. Lionel Tan, President, LES Singapore, and Partner, Rajah and Tann. The panel of speakers consisted of Ms. Lakshika Joshi, Legal Leadership and Global Lead, Capgemini; Ms Joon-Nie Lau, Deputy CEO, Singapore International Mediation Centre; and Mr. Fu Beiqi, Deputy Director, Legal...

The Enforcement of International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation Bill establishes a domestic regime to enforce international commercial settlement agreements that have resulted from mediation.  The provisions are based on the principles of the UN Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2018, and which...

Interview with Mr. Sun Wei, Board Member of SIMC.

Interview with Mr. Kevin Kim, Board Member of SIMC

In the realm of international business, disputes have the potential to escalate into costly legal battles. One way to prevent such escalation is to incorporate a mediation clause into your contracts.

By its very nature, a dispute almost universally involves ill feelings, strong disagreements, and sometimes broken promises. Relationships and negotiations break down and at some point, the parties will inevitably reach an impasse. At this point, legal action may seem necessary for resolution.

Multi-national corporations (MNCs) exist to do business and generate profits. A mainstay of achieving that goal is to create and maintain strong relationships with other parties. For the most part, these relationships are closely handled and carried out amicably but occasionally disputes can arise. When this happens, dispute lawyers are usually brought in and parties fight out their differences in...

Early findings of next year’s Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy’s (SIDRA) International Dispute Resolution Survey have been released. These findings, announced on 29 August at SIDRA’s event during Singapore Convention Week, shed light on both the changing priorities of clients and their overall satisfaction with various forms of dispute resolution, including mediation.

How does one make the most of ”midnight clauses” so that they’re not simply added as a last-minute afterthought, and what are the key principles and tips to bear in mind when drafting settlement agreements, which are quite often done at a late hour?

Why spend money and time to fight a case when you can make a deal where it benefits both parties?