Jipyong and SIMC successfully held ‘International Dispute Negotiation and Mediation Workshop’

In collaboration with Jipyong, the Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC) participated in an 'International Dispute Negotiation and Mediation Workshop' held on March 20th in the Grand Central conference room at Jipyong headquarters. The event featured a format where attendees were divided into two groups, each receiving scenarios from different companies to attempt direct negotiations and participate in mediation.

In the first session, Ms. Jinhee Kim, a senior foreign attorney and Head of Jipyong's International Group and international dispute team, gave a presentation on “Basics of International Dispute Negotiation Strategy.” Following her presentation, workshop participants set their own settlement agreement goals and engaged in one-on-one negotiations.

Jipyong event collage

In the second session, SIMC Chairman Mr. George Lim SC and SIMC CEO Mr. Chuan Wee Meng introduced SIMC and shared insights on the advantages and processes of international mediation. Under their guidance, attendees experienced international mediation through role-playing. The participants' interest in and enthusiasm for international mediation were very encouraging.

Jipyong established its International Group in January 2024 to enhance its international business capabilities and provide more comprehensive and integrated cross-border legal advice to its clients. SIMC will continue to work closely with Jipyong International Group to offer seminars and workshops on international mediation.

group photo
Mr. George Lim SC (left), Ms Jinhee Kim (middle) and Mr. Chuan Wee Meng (left) took a group photo at the Global Dispute Negotiation and Mediation Workshop, hosted by Jipyong law firm.
Jinhee Kim
Ms Jinhee Kim delievere a presentation on 'Basics of International Dispute Negotiation Strategy'.
Source: Translated and edited from Jipyong's news.