Congratulations to New Batch of Singapore Specialist Mediators

From 26 to 27 October 2023, SIMC held its third Singapore Specialist Mediators Workshop tailored for experienced legal professionals and lawyers. The two-day workshop, conducted in Singapore, was attended by participants eager to learn about the art of mediation and the skills to become a successful mediator.


Led by Mr. George Lim SC (Chairman of SIMC), Professor Joel Lee (Chairman of SIMI), and Mr. Chuan Wee Meng (CEO of SIMC), the workshop covered essential aspects of mediation. Topics included understanding conflict approaches, the mediation process, and the influence of different cultures in resolving disputes.

SMW SG Oct2024
Mr. Chuan Wee Meng introducing the participants to the workshop.


The sessions conducted during the workshop included topics, such as the 5 Approaches to Conflict, to understand the types of parties during the mediation process, and the dynamics of cultures prevalent in parties from diverse countries. Through these discussions, participants gained valuable insights into the nuances of an effective mediation, especially in the context of cross-cultural disputes.


One of the highlights of the workshop included three mediation exercises designed to immerse participants in the practical aspects of mediation. These exercises provided a hands-on experience, allowing participants to navigate through simulated scenarios and gain a comprehensive understanding of mediation dynamics and techniques.

SMW SG Oct2024-2
Professor Joel Lee presenting to the participants.



Additionally, support from SIMC Mediators Ms. Eunice Chua, Mr. Jonathan Choo, and Ms. Chai Ngee Ng was crucial in offering coaching and assistance during the mediation exercises.


Before the workshop concluded, a small panel discussion took place with Mr. Jonathan Choo, Ms. Chai Ngee Ng, Mr. George Lim SC, and Mr. Chuan Wee Meng. Participants had the opportunity to ask their most pressing questions about mediation and learn from the mediators' experiences.


The event facilitated meaningful networking opportunities, enabling professionals to connect and exchange ideas within the legal community. The collaborative environment fostered productive discussions and allowed for an open exchange of experiences among participants.


We extend our gratitude to all participants for their active involvement in furthering their expertise in mediation. SIMC hopes this workshop provided valuable learning experiences that help participants understand more about the complexities of the mediation process.

L-R: A panel discussion, Q&A with Mr. Jonathan Choo, Ms. Chai Ngee Ng, Mr. George Lim SC, and Mr. Chuan Wee Meng.


Professor Joel Lee giving guidance during an exercise.


Group photo
Singapore SMW 2023 group picture, 27 October 2023.


Congratulations to our new Specialist Mediators from Singapore:

  1. Andrew Raymond - Watson Farley & Williams LLP
  2. Clarence Ting - Aon
  3. Doris Chia - DC Law LLC
  4. Helen Wang - Carey Olsen Singapore LLP
  5. Iguchi Naoki - Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu
  6. Jerald Foo - Selvam LLC
  7. Jonathan Muk - LVM Law Chambers 
  8. Kevin Tan - R&T
  9. Kuah Boon Theng - Legal Clinic LLC
  10. Manisha Karia - Supreme Court of India
  11. Natalie Morris-Sharma - Attorney-General’s Chambers, Singapore
  12. Nicolas Tang - Farallon Law Corporation
  13. Paul Seah - TKQP
  14. Seng Chee Ho - JustCo / Capitaland
  15. Shaun Leong - Withers KhattarWong LLP
  16. Shaun Lee - Bird & Bird ATMD
  17. Shobna Chandran - Shobhna Chandran LLC
  18. Sim Chee Siong - R&T
  19. Soh Kar Liang - Ella Cheong LLC 
  20. Tejas Karia - SAM
  21. Terry Thornley - Spencer Stuart Singapore

The participants from the workshop will be empaneled as SIMC Specialist Mediators in Q1 of 2024, stay tuned for updates!