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About the Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC)

Officially launched in November 2014 by the Honourable the Chief Justice of Singapore Sundaresh Menon and the Minister for Law, Mr K Shanmugam SC, SIMC is an independent, not-for-profit institution that aims to provide world-class mediation services and products targeted at the needs of parties in cross-border commercial disputes, particularly those doing business in Asia.

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Recent Press Release: SIMC Announces Appointment of New Deputy Chief Executive Officer

23 May 2016 – SIMC is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Aloysius Goh as its new Deputy CEO with effect from 1 July 2016.

Mr Goh is an International Mediation Institute Certified Mediator and has resolved several high value transnational disputes. He has pioneered mediation schemes for youth and healthcare in Singapore and has received awards from the Singapore Mediation Centre and State Courts for his mediation service.

Mr Goh formerly worked as General Counsel and Company Secretary to a state university and several public healthcare institutes. He holds a Bachelors and Masters of Law from the National University of Singapore and Masters of Education (Educational leadership) from Boston College.

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Recent Update: SIMC issues Practice Note 1 of 2016 to govern appointing authority service

SIMC is able to serve as an appointing authority for mediators or experts on an ad hoc basis, i.e. in cases not administered in accordance with the SIMC Mediation Rules, in accordance with the agreement between the parties.

The appointing authority service is governed by SIMC Practice Note 01/2016 issued to take effect on 1 May 2016.

Parties wishing to use SIMC’s appointing authority service may submit a request along with the requisite appointment fee as follows:

  • 1 mediator or expert – S$2,000
  • 2 mediators or experts or 1 mediator and 1 expert – S$3,000
  • 3 mediators or experts or any combination of 3 mediators and experts – to be determined by SIMC on a case-by-case basis

Recent Article: Mediation and Arbitration – Two Mutually Exclusive Worlds? 

Mediation and arbitration have historically been described by practitioners and academics under the same category of “alternative dispute resolution (ADR)”. However, beyond their similarities as confidential and party-controlled alternatives to public litigation, there are sharp contrasts in the nature of each ADR process. It is not unusual that lawyers and arbitrators find it difficult to adapt to the facilitative and flexible methods of mediators. Similarly, it is also common for mediators and mediation advocates to speak of their frustration with the adversarial and highly-structured arbitration procedure. In a seminar organized by SIArb, Mr George Lim SC and Prof Lawrence Boo joined other panelists in debunking the view that mediation and arbitration were competing processes.

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