SIMC – CAMP Joint Covid-19 Protocol

Expedited mediation to preserve relationships along the India-Singapore business corridor

Building on the demand for our previous Covid-19 Protocols, SIMC and CAMP Arbitration & Mediation Practice are proud to launch a ground-breaking cross-border mediation service targeted at businesses operating along the India-Singapore business corridor.  

The SIMC-CAMP Joint Covid-19 Protocol is designed to offer international businesses access to economical, efficient and effective mediation amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, which has spawned widespread disruptions to commercial life and relationships.  Mediation serves an important purpose to facilitate commercial dealings along the India-Singapore trade corridor.  The two countries have seen bilateral trade rising over the years to about US$28 billion by 2019.

SIMC is proud to partner with CAMP, which is recognised by the Union Ministry of Law and Justice in India and the International Mediation Institute, to provide seamless case management to the parties, who will be able to appoint co-mediators who will assist parties to overcome any physical, cultural and jurisdictional barriers to settlement.   

The SIMC-CAMP Joint Covid-19 Protocol is launched in conjunction with the India-Singapore Mediation Summit on 17 July 2021.

“Today, Singapore is the biggest contributor to FDI inflows into India from April 2020 to March 2021, a figure which has continued to grow even from the preceding pre-COVID period in 2019 to 2020, and Indian companies today form the largest overseas contingent that have invested in Singapore.

There is therefore impetus for us to collaborate more closely on mediation, for several reasons… It’s a dispute resolution mechanism that has been historically practised by both our societies. Both our economies, our judiciary, are very comfortable with it. And more importantly, it is a means of resolving disputes in a manner which gives parties the best chance of maintaining what could very often be hard-won, long-standing commercial relationships.

This will be further enhanced after SIMC and CAMP Arbitration and Mediation Services sign an MOU to collaborate on a Joint COVID-19 Protocol.”

Edwin Tong SC, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Law in his Special Remarks at the India-Singapore Mediation Summit 2021

Key Features:

(1) Mediations may be filed at SIMC or CAMP and will be co-managed seamlessly by both institutions.  

(2) Mediations structured as co-mediations (e.g. two mediators from India and Singapore) to enhance cross-cultural and jurisdictional understanding.  

(3) Mediations conducted online or in hybrid formats, to overcome travel constraints.

(4) Mediations at special reduced and fixed rates to improve access to mediation (see Fee Schedule below).

How it Works:

1. File a Case (Filing fee: S$267.50 w/GST or INR 14,000)
2. SIMC or CAMP organises the mediation, including selection and appointment of mediator
3. Mediation takes place online
4. Post-mediation follow-up

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Fee Schedule*

*Where Parties qualify for more than one Protocol, the Protocol offering the lower fees will apply. Figures are rounded.