Our Panel

Our mediators and ambassadors work across multiple jurisdictions to champion mediation and help parties reach a settlement.

Chan Leng Sun SC

Senior Counsel, Duxton Hill Chambers (Singapore Group Practice)

Chie Nakahara

Nishimura & Asahi, Partner

Chieko Tsuchiya

Anderson, Mōri & Tomotsune, Special Counsel

Chitra Talwar

Independent Director, Jana Small Finance Bank

Cho Pei Lin

Managing Director, Asia PR Werkz

Choi Woo Young

Hwang Mok Park Law, Managing Partner

Chung Chungjin, SC

Korea Gas Corporation, General Counsel

Dong Chunjiang, Gary, SC

Beijing Lantai Law Firm, Senior Consultant

Douglas Freeman

Law Offices of Douglas K. Freeman, Managing Partner

Ekta Bahl

Partner, Samvad Partners

Eugene Tan

Clyde & Co Clasis Singapore, Partner

Fei Ning

Hui Zhong Law Firm, Managing Partner

Feng Jing

Beijing Anjie Law Firm, Partner

Florence Goh

Consultant, Tan Kok Quan Partnership

Francis Goh

Partner, Eversheds Harry Elias LLP