Our Panel

Our mediators and ambassadors work across multiple jurisdictions to champion mediation and help parties reach a settlement.

Lee Wai Pong

Executive Director, Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration

Leslie Harland

Senior Director, FTI Consulting

Matthew Wills

AMEA Regional Director, Oil & Gas, Driver Trett (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Michael Bernard Henderson

Principal Consultant, Eastham Engineering Consultancy Pte Ltd

Muthu Jagannath

Director, NAU Pte Ltd

Niall Trimble

Managing Director, The Energy Contract Company Ltd

Patrick Markey

Managing Director, Sierra Vista Resources Pte Ltd

Peter Gunn

Managing Director, Carbon Solutions (HK) Ltd

Phillip Taylor

Managing Director Asia Pacific, Matson Driscoll & Damico Pte Ltd

Pierre-Armand Thomas

CEO, P&T/ Cervval

Raghu Ramachandran

Director, RGL Forensic Accountants (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Richard Hayler

Partner, Deloitte Forensic

Robert Sean King

Director, Bob King & Associates Ltd (King Mining) Consultants

Roger Hancock

Director, Solstice Advisory Pte Ltd

Rosalind Spink

Director, Naval Architect; Solis Marine Consultants Pte Ltd