Our Panel

Our mediators and ambassadors work across multiple jurisdictions to champion mediation and help parties reach a settlement.

Gordon Summers

Gordon Summers Consulting Ltd

Gregory Dickerson

Valuation Director, John Foord ( Asia) Pte Ltd

Ian Marshall

Managing Director, FTI Consulting LLP

James Searby

Senior Managing Director, Economic and Financial Consulting, FTI Consulting

James Taylor

Managing Director, Construction Solutions, FTI Consulting

John Ellison


John Lancaster

AMEA Regional Director Oil & Gas, Diales

John Pyall

International Claims Co-ordinator, Munich Re

John Simpson

Director, Solis Marine Consultants Pte Ltd

John Watkins

Consultant, John Watkins Projects Ltd

Jonathan Lux

Mediator, Arbitrator, Barrister

Jonathan Prudhoe

Senior Managing Director, Ankura

Joseph Cherian

Professor, National University of Singapore

Keith Ghwee

Managing Director, Hagel Investments Ltd

Lee Fook Choon

Consultant, Integral Marine Consultants Pte Ltd