The Importance of Ethics in the Practice of Mediation

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Mediation has been actively promoted as a process that increases access to justice, and is now part and parcel of Singapore’s legal landscape. The success of the mediation outcome depends not only on the parties’ active participation in the process, but also on the mediator’s and the mediation advocates’ compliance with best practices and ethical standards. Notably, the cross-border enforceability of commercial mediated settlement agreements under the Singapore Convention may also be impacted by any serious breaches of applicable mediation standards (article 5(1)(e)). How are mediation ethical principles such as confidentiality and impartiality applied in practice? Is there mediator behaviour that clearly amounts to serious breaches of ethical standards? What does it mean for a legal advisor to act ethically within a mediation process? These and other pertinent questions on mediation ethics will be discussed by a panel of experienced mediators and mediation advocates.

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