Singapore Mediation Lecture 2018: On Tiptoes through the Minefield: Cultural Dimensions of Mediation

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Failure to address cultural sensitivities while managing cross-border negotiations puts many settlements in jeopardy.

Does culture equate ethnicity, or is it something more? How are individual differences between people from the same cultural group handled, let alone between people of different backgrounds? To what extent can process design assist? Will an evaluative approach serve parties better than a facilitative approach, and if so, how does one decide when one approach is preferable and when not?

In this lecture, Joanna Kalowski will address culture in dispute resolution, with the aim of equipping mediators to be confident and more culturally-aware while handling complex disputes.

Registration starts at 4.30pm
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This event is organised by Eversheds Harry Elias LLP and the Singapore Mediation Centre, in collaboration with the Singapore Management University. It is supported by the Singapore International Mediation Centre and Singapore Business Federation.

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