SIMC – CAMP – Khaitan & Co. Webinar: Commercial Mediation: Simply the smarter way!

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Mediation in India has made great strides in the past few years. The signing of the Singapore Convention on Mediation and the proposed Mediation Act are expected to impart further credibility to the process on the international stage. However, mediation’s role in resolving commercial disputes is still gaining trust and traction among businesses in India. This is despite mediation’s benefits, which include savings in costs and time, and the preservation of commercial relationships. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing widespread disruptions to business operations, it is even more critical to appreciate the role of mediation in resolving high-stakes disputes.

Join our distinguished speakers for a wide-ranging discussion on the advent of commercial mediation in India. Hear from them on why commercial mediation is simply the smarter way to settle commercial conflicts, including disputes with cross-border dimensions. The speakers are expected to canvass topics that are of relevance to business executives and lawyers, such as the importance of commercial mediation, the rise of online mediation, the case for institutional mediation and the enforcement of outcomes.

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