SIMC @ Seoul ADR Fest

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The long awaited Seoul ADR Fest is here! Join us for this conversation with speakers from all over Asia to discuss on how companies grapple with ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria and the implications that this “green wave” will have on the practice of international mediation as the world strives for a more sustainable future.

In an international business landscape fraught with uncertainties from an unending war in Ukraine, a slew of climate catastrophes unfolding across Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas and a Covid-19 pandemic which could suddenly morph into yet another global medical emergency, this two-panel event examines the future of ADR practitioners as problem solvers and dispute resolution specialists to serve their clients better.

For more details and to register please click HERE.

Check out the flyer here – SIMC SAF Seminar Flyer 2022.

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