Mixed-Mode Dispute Resolution and Third-Party Funding

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SIMC is pleased to participate in a webinar organised by ACSV Legal, the Dutch Business Association Vietnam, and the Vietnam Society of Construction Law.

In the past commercial dispute settlement has mainly been adversarial, followed by arbitration or litigation. However, this has changed with mediation and other hybrid dispute resolution processes emerging. Mixed-mode approaches involve the interplay between mediation, evaluation and arbitration, and are increasingly employed by ADR users for international commercial dispute resolution.

Third-party funding is a non-recourse capital advance in exchange for a portion of the anticipated recovery. The principle of the funding is “no win, no fee”. This means that if the funded party loses the arbitration or litigation, no fees or expenses need to be paid nor does the principal amount have to be repaid to the funder.

During this webinar you will learn more about both.

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