Global Procurement Summit

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The last three decades have seen evolution of Procurement in its journey from moving from transaction to strategy. The role of procurement in top and bottom lines of private enterprises and in service delivery by the public sector is increasingly being recognized. With first signs of economic slowdown appearing on horizon, any savings due to better procurement practices will be very important. Use of technology in procurement is an emerging phenomenon but is rapidly catching up not just in private sector but also in government procurement.

India’s aspiration to become US$ 5 trillion economy will require mammoth creation of new infrastructure. Governments are looking at Public–Private Partnerships (PPPs) with renewed interest, not just for bringing financing from private sector but also innovation and efficiency. Also the focus is shifting from resolution of disputes in large and complex contracts to avoidance through proactive management of contracts.

After remarkable achievement of Global Procurement Summit four in series, with delegates participating in the summit from various nationalities, All India Management Association in partnership with the World Bank announces the Global Procurement Summit 2020, scheduled on February 10-11, 2020 at the Lalit Hotel, New Delhi. The summit will bring together the most senior global and regional procurement community to examine the challenges faced during 21st Century.

SIMC is pleased to be represented by India Specialist Mediator, Mehernosh Shapoorjee, to share on Dispute Avoidance and Resolution in Contracts. He will share on managing disputes in a wise, productive manner, in line with the objectives of any procurement or projects. Mediation, in particular, is a simple yet powerful method of managing disputes in situations like this, and if done well, helps prevent disputes from escalating into large conflicts that could end up in litigation, cause losses, and escalate costs.

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