Bird & Bird: ‘In Your Corner’ Disputes Conference 2021

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Aftermath of Covid-19: An informed analysis to predict how dispute resolution process and preferences will evolve in the coming year(s)

The pandemic has adversely effected businesses globally. However, this has also forced businesses to evolve differently. Similarly, the approach to, and the process of, dispute resolution has had to dramatically adapt to the changing global realities, over the course of 2020.

In this session, SIMC CEO Chuan Wee Meng joins Bird & Bird’s Akshay Kishore and Chui Lijun, as well as Kevin Nash, Deputy Registrar and Centre Director of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre to evaluate how dispute resolution has had to evolve with the impact of the pandemic. Panellists will also discuss what continued impact this accelerated evolution will have in the coming year(s), across sectors.

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