A day of service at SIMC

Posted in News December 17, 2020

As the year came to a close, we could not help but wonder how many families in Singapore had been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to play our part to give back to the community through simple acts of care.

Quite apart from being an effective dispute resolution mechanism, mediation also provides access to justice—especially for the most vulnerable—and creates an environment suited for reconciliation, restoration and harmony.

In a bid to support disadvantaged families during the festive season, we reached out to young changemakers Mae Tan, co-founder of KampungKakis, and Jen Goh, co-founder of Hopefull. Through one of their year-end initiatives, we helped to spread the holiday cheer to those in need through the collective act of giving.

Above: SIMC Day of Service saw the SIMC team packing Christmas goodie bags for low-income households.

KampungKakis works closely with grassroot committees and social service organisations to identify less privileged individuals and engage volunteers to launch initiatives in Singapore’s heartlands to meet their needs.

Hopefull, another ground-up initiative, specialises in creating, gathering and providing engaging educational resources for children from low-income families.

On 11 December, SIMC staff packed and hand delivered over 100 Christmas goodie bags to the doorsteps of 53 low-income households across the island. The Christmas kits contained learning materials, books, toys and accessories for children, and were packaged to suit the different age groups.

Above: Among other things, each Christmas goodie bag contained books and stationery for children.

It’s a wrap! The SIMC team hand delivered over 100 Christmas goodie bags to 53 low-income households around the island.

After several hours of sorting, packaging and driving them across the island, our staff members felt a sense of satisfaction when the kits were warmly received often with a smile or a thank you.

SIMC’s CEO Chuan Wee Meng said, “In essence, our day spent in service of others really encapsulates who we are as SIMC – a bridge serving to close a gap or a helping hand ensuring no one gets left behind. We hope to continue doing small acts of service either as a company or as individuals to serve our community.”