Make Mediation Your First Port of Call for Legal Disputes

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In The Straits Times on 25 May 2020, Mr George Lim SC, Chairman of SIMC, weighs in on why enterprises may face a ‘tsunami of disputes’ during this pandemic. They should consider mediation as first-line treatment and here’s why: The sustained dips in demand, disrupted supply chains and loss of liquidity could lead to disputes over contractual rights in existing business contracts and agreements. In these instances, choosing to mediate helps parties resolve their conflict in a shorter span of time, and at a lower cost while preserving existing business relationships. Mr Lim adds, “businesses that mediate first are likely to recover better from the fallout. This is vital for our economy to regain its footing.”

Mr Lim also mentioned how SIMC’s Covid-19 Protocol provides parties with a swift avenue to mediate disputes – online at special rates.  The Protocol complements government legislation, including Singapore’s Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act. For more information, visit: and get in touch with our experts today.