SIMC Announces Appointment of New CEO, and Board Member

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The Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Aloysius Goh as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with effect from 1 May 2018. As part of a phased renewal plan, Ms Lim Seok Hui, the current CEO of SIMC, will join the SIMC Board of Directors and relinquish her position as CEO.

Mr Goh is a certified international mediator with more than 15 years’ experience in mediation including complex infrastructure, corporate shareholding, insurance, finance, employment, medical negligence and commodities trading disputes. He has served in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he focused on developments in China and as general counsel to various public and private sector organisations.

During Mr Goh’s service as SIMC’s former Deputy CEO, SIMC experienced a year-on-year doubling of case filings with total case numbers reaching 48 cases to date. In 2017, SIMC achieved an excellent 85% successful settlement rate, significantly above the 70% global average.

Ms Lim says: “I am honoured to have served as the first CEO of SIMC. It was a great pleasure to have worked with Aloysius and the team, as well as George and members of the SIMC Board. I am delighted to be joining the Board of SIMC, and to be able to continue to contribute to SIMC’s growth and development.”

Mr George Lim S.C., Chairman of SIMC, says: “We are very pleased that Aloysius has agreed to take on additional responsibilities as CEO of SIMC. This restructuring of SIMC is necessary so that our resources are better positioned to meet the evolving challenges of the global business environment. On behalf of the SIMC Board, I would also like to thank Seok Hui for the contributions she has made to SIMC as our first CEO. She has helped SIMC get off the ground as an organisation, and we are truly appreciative of that.”

Mr Goh says: “I am grateful for Seok Hui’s mentorship and guidance since I joined and look forward to continuing the close collaboration with SIAC in our new roles. Users of dispute resolution services in Asia are increasingly sophisticated. There is a strong demand for a process that is fair and fast, and an outcome that is easily enforceable. To meet these needs, we will be working closely with our global partners to innovate and evolve new services such as the Arb-Med-Arb Protocol.”