Why a Panel of Experts?

As cross-border commercial disputes become more complex, technical questions may arise that need to be dealt with in order for the parties to arrive at a mediated settlement. Such questions may include the mode of valuation of certain assets, reasonable market practice, as well as remedies and arrangements unique to particular sectors.

To facilitate the mediation process for such complex commercial disputes, SIMC has set up a panel of eminent technical experts, comprising independent consultants and key personnel of well-established companies from diverse sectors of industry. All of them are highly regarded in their area of industry.

If the parties wish to appoint a technical expert to assist in the mediation process, they may consider doing so from SIMC’s panel. It is generally expected that the expert will not act as an adjudicator or a co-mediator, but may assist in providing a neutral and objective perspective to assist the mediator in the conduct of the mediation.

SIMC can, in consultation with the mediator, provide assistance to the parties in their choice and appointment of a suitable technical expert.