Don’t be scared, this is the future: Avoiding the pitfalls of Arb-Med-Arb.

Posted by simc on 3 November, 2017

by Alan Limbury, SIMC Mediator

Singapore: The Hub of International Commercial Dispute Resolution

Posted by simc on 2 November, 2017

By F. Peter Phillips The Union Internationale des Avocats held its 24th World Forum of Mediation Centres in Singapore on October 13-14.  In addition to the usual high level of discourse and the unparalleled opportunity to meet new friends and keep the old, this particular Forum offered the additional opportunity to reassess the extraordinary

The Mediation Conundrum

Posted by simc on 27 September, 2017

By Jonathan Lux, Users Council Member How businesses can resolve disputes early to avoid escalating costs “Early Resolution” provides answers to what were thought to be insoluble problems in two main arenas: How can you mediate sensibly before each party knows what the other will say and has seen the evidence to

Blindness Builds Walls

Posted by simc on 26 September, 2017

By Laila Ollapally, Mediator   The above article is reproduced with kind permission and was featured in Issue 1 of SIMC e-News.

Mediation for Shipping/Maritime Disputes

Posted by simc on 25 September, 2017

By Jagannath Muthu, Maritime Expert We had recently attended two events in which there were serious and vigorous discussions on Mediation. While Mediation has a significant role to play in resolving shipping and maritime disputes, it would be too simplistic to consider this in every dispute. This article argues that

Apologies, Mediation and the Law: Resolution of Civil Disputes

Posted by simc on 24 September, 2017

By Margaret Halsmith, Users Council Member This article was featured in Issue 1 of SIMC e-News. The original article may be found here.

Offering Opportunities for Mediation to Arbitration Cases

Posted by simc on 29 May, 2017

  [Translated by Singapore International Mediation Centre] Legal Times (Published on 7 May 2017) OFFERING OPPORTUNITIES FOR MEDIATION TO ARBITRATION CASES Singapore’s ‘Arb-Med-Arb’ Protocol If the mediation is successful, the settlement can be converted into a binding consent award “International Trends in Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration-Mediation-Arbitration” was held at the

Mediation and the Rule of Law

Posted by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon on 23 March, 2017

Keynote Address by the Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, Supreme Court of Singapore The Law Society Mediation Forum Singapore, 10 March 2017 Introduction I am delighted to deliver the keynote address for today’s forum, as we gather to mark the official launch of the Law Society Mediation Scheme. Over

Mediation as a means for international commercial conflict resolution

Posted by Henneke Brink on 14 March, 2017

Arbitration and Mediation – Two Mutually Exclusive Worlds?

Posted by Aloysius Goh and Shawn Low on 5 October, 2016

Mediation and arbitration have historically been described by practitioners and academics under the same category of “alternative dispute resolution (ADR)”. However, beyond their similarities as confidential and party-controlled alternatives to public litigation, there are sharp contrasts in the nature of each ADR process. It is not unusual that lawyers and