Ask About Our Fees

Call or write us for a chat on our fees: +65 9456 3717/

SIMC is a not-for-profit provider of mediation services. Every case is unique – the costs should reflect the differences and services provided. Please talk to us: this will allow us to assess your matter before proposing our fees.*

We can also share more on our services and advise on the mediation process and procedures.

*As part of our commitment to promote mediation, we will provide fair and competitive quotations. Factors that determine the fee include the mediator(s), selection/appointment of mediator(s), the venue and the level of case management, which may depend on the complexity of the matter. Our fee structure is transparent and we do not add service fees to the mediator(s)’ charges.

SIMC Fee Rebate

We are committed to resolving disputes in a time and cost-efficient manner. Given the current COVID-19 situation, we will provide a rebate on your fees.

To support businesses during this challenging period, we will also undertake to operate with flexibility. We are able to provide facilities such as video conferencing to address your case requirements during this period.

We encourage you to reach out for a non-obligatory discussion on your case requirements.

Our case management services include:


Pre- and Post- Mediation Case Management

Selection and Appointment of Mediator(s)

Actual Day Case Administration

Booking and Configuration of Venue and Facilities

Overtime Case Support