Mediating with us

The Singapore International Mediation Centre offers professional dispute resolution services tailored to the evolving needs of businesses in Asia.

At SIMC, we work across multiple jurisdictions covering both common and civil law traditions. Our international mediators have extensive experience resolving cross-border disputes and are highly regarded for delivering successful outcomes in complex, high-stakes commercial disputes.

Our mediators are excellent communicators and highly-skilled in a variety of negotiation techniques to regulate the dynamics of the conversation. They help provide a sense of objectivity and assist parties to arrive at a common consensus.

We offer professional case management services under the SIMC Mediation Rules, including a competitive and transparent fee structure. The SIMC Secretariat can also assist to appoint a suitable mediator from our panel in the event parties are unable to jointly nominate a mediator.

Mediating in Singapore

Singapore is within a seven-hour flight time of key cities such as Mumbai, Shanghai, Beijing, Jakarta, Manila, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul.

Singapore has been consistently ranked amongst the top five in the world for neutrality on the Corruption Perceptions Index.

ADR in Singapore has benefitted from a strong tradition of the rule of law, and excellent legal and commercial infrastructure.

The cosmopolitan city-state boasts an open economy that has topped global charts for ease of doing business.