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Raghu Ramachandran

Accountancy / Forensic Accountants / Insurance - Reinsurance

Director- RGL Forensic Accountants (Singapore) Pte Ltd


Richard Hayler

Accountancy / Financial Services / Forensic Accountants

FTI Consulting


Robert Sean King

Mining / Coal

Director - Bob King & Associates Ltd (King Mining) Consultants


Roger Hancock

Maritime / Tankers

Director- Solstice Advisory Pte Ltd

Rosalind Spink

Maritime / Naval Architects - Wreck Removal- Mariner Salvage

Director, Naval Architect- Solis Marine Consultants Pte Ltd


Russon Howard

Information Technologies

NUS ISS (Institute of Systems Science)

Sajjad Akhtar

Accountancy / Investment Management

Managing Partner- PKF-CAP LLP (Singapore)


Seah Choo Meng

Construction / Contract Administration / General

Director- Langdon&Seah Singapore Pte Ltd/ Arcadis Project Management Pte Ltd


Sean Brady

Scientific Forensics / Forensic Structural Engineers

Managing Director - Brady Heywood Pty Ltd


Siew Yim Cheng

Information Technologies

Chief Information Officer- JTC Corporation

1. The Singapore International Mediation Centre (“SIMC”) provides a list of technical experts on its website (the “Panel of Experts”), for the use of parties and mediators involved in mediation proceedings at SIMC.

2. The information regarding each technical expert available on/through the SIMC website has been provided by the technical expert. All information provided by SIMC on/through its website regarding the Panel of Experts is provided in good faith for information only.

3. SIMC does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any of the information provided.