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George Wall

Construction / Contract Administration - Delay Analysis

Asgard Project Solutions (PTE.) LTD


Gordon Summers

Oil & Gas/Energy / Natural Gas Project Development

Gordon Summers Consulting Ltd

Gregory Dickerson

Property Valuation / Industrial Valuation

Valuation Director- John Foord ( Asia) Pte Ltd


Ho Kok Yong

Accountancy / Financial Services

Leader- Financial Services Industry- SEA & Singapore- Deloitte & Touche LLP

Ian Marshall

Accountancy / Forensic Accountants / Insurance - Reinsurance

Managing Director- FTI Consulting LLP


Jack Brabban

Maritime / Management in Refurbishment and Repair for Marine and Offshore Projects

Mechanical Engineer- Brookes Bell Singapore LLP

James Searby

Accountancy / Valuation / Damages, IP, Financial Assets

Senior Managing Director - Economic and Financial Consulting- FTI Consulting


James Taylor

Construction/ Claims Management/ Costs Claims

Managing Director- Construction Solutions- FTI Consulting


John Dudley Baker

Construction / Delay Analysis / Planning and Programming

Deputy Group Managing Director- BK Asia Pacific Ltd


John Ellison

Accountancy / Valuation


1. The Singapore International Mediation Centre (“SIMC”) provides a list of technical experts on its website (the “Panel of Experts”), for the use of parties and mediators involved in mediation proceedings at SIMC.

2. The information regarding each technical expert available on/through the SIMC website has been provided by the technical expert. All information provided by SIMC on/through its website regarding the Panel of Experts is provided in good faith for information only.

3. SIMC does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any of the information provided.