Appointing Authority Service

Parties who wish to appoint a mediator or expert can seek SIMC’s recommendations. Within 24 hours of engaging SIMC’s Appointing Authority Service (AAS), SIMC will provide parties with a shortlist of the three most suitable candidates for their needs.

Parties wishing to use SIMC’s appointing authority service may submit a request along with the requisite appointment fee as follows:

  • One (1) mediator or expert – S$1,000 per party

If parties subsequently agree to proceed with mediation at SIMC, the AAS fee would be credited and offset from the case filing and management fees.

Early Neutral Evaluation Service

Parties who seek Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) may approach SIMC for recommendations to appoint Mediators or Experts as Neutral Evaluators.

SIDP Authorised Appointing Body (AAB)

SIMC is also one of the named Authorised Appointing Body (AAB) under the Singapore Infrastructure Dispute-Management Protocol (SIDP) 2018.

The SIDP is a carefully-tailored procedure for the appointment and role of a Dispute Board (DB) to assist in the effective management of differences or disputes that may arise in the context of mega-infrastructure projects. It builds on international best practices and introduces a few novel features to address the challenges complex infrastructure projects face.

Under the new protocol, parties will, from the start of the project, appoint a Dispute Board comprising up to three neutral professionals who are experts in relevant fields such as engineering, quantity surveying and law. The Dispute Board will follow the project from start to finish and proactively help to manage issues that may arise, through a range of customised dispute avoidance and resolution processes.

Parties can opt for a DB comprising one, two or three expert professionals depending on the complexity and needs of the project. Interested users may choose their DB members from SIMC’s Specialists (Infrastructure) Panel, a list which comprises experts with the appropriate experience in resolving complex infrastructure disputes.

If parties cannot agree on a DB member, SIMC will, in the appropriate circumstances, nominate a DB member from this list.

More information about the Singapore Infrastructure Dispute-Management Protocol can be found here. A copy of the Protocol is also available here. For enquiries, please contact


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